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IT Solutions

Software and IT Services

Nubee Holdings is a leading China-based innovative software and IT services provider, digital economy enabler. Nubee Holdings has grown it’s expansive global footprint around the world, developing and shipping products and services worldwide.

Nubee Holdings is committed to innovation and sustainable growth. That’s why we’ve established Nubee Holdings to serve as a platform which enables effective collaboration between businesses and research institutes. In addition, we have also established a series of innovative research entities, in which we have engaged over 50 technical eco-system partners around the world to explore the tremendous possibilities of advanced technologies and their business applications.


IT Sercvice

By cooperating with excellent global clients, Nubee Holdings develops its business rapidly, and enhances its professional, highly efficient quality IT outsourcing services capabilities.

To provide a high level of professional and technical support of soft power, from the demand analysis, system design and development, implementation of product delivery, we are able to complete the outstanding. We will even stand on the customer's point of view for the innovation of the product. Nubee Holdings with global development team and experienced technical expert, provide the design and development of software system more standardized,


Globalization causes the enterprise competition, enhance the operational efficiency of enterprises is an important issue for any enterprises are required to face; national policies continue to require governments, enterprises and institutions to strengthen and improve the staff performance appraisal system, improve the government and enterprises work efficiency; enterprise

Our Services

Industry Application Development and Maintenance

Provide construction, implementation and maintenance services based on SAP, Oracle, Siebel and Microsoft Dynamics and other mature software packages.

Customized Software Package Services

Customize, integrate and manage out-of-the-box software to help customers achieve their business goals.

Mobile Applications and Embedded Development

Design, construct and maintain the customized application development for mobile devices and embedded systems.

Value-added Service Application Development of Value-added Business

Design and construct mobile communication value-added service applications and provide end-to-end development services.

Supply Chain Management Application Development

Design, construct and maintain customized application development and optimize business processes.

Enterprise Application Integration

Effectively integrate business processes and help enterprises and organizations acquire, manage and develop data in order to support business decisions.

Support for Application System Lifecycle

Manage application system lifecycles, including the concept validation, base model, application architecture, application development, test engineering, and system integration, maintenance and upgrade.