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COVID-19 Update.

28th September 2020

Our team have all been provided the necessary tools to commit to a home working model to assist all clients in the Corona Virus pandemic.

The team have been put to the test to ensure all our clients have the correct IT solutions to ensure business can run from a remote facility. The team has been dedicated to ensuring they are working around the clock to update systems, applications, and tools for your companies to perform seamlessly.

Our objectives were to ensure that the quality of our customer experience remained as good as before, and that employee interactions remained high. All clients have been given a single point of contact for any issues that may occur during the remote working model.

Our team have been responsible for ensuring all clients have been updated with correct IT compliance information to ensure the IT solutions of the company remain at peak performance. All measures have been understood and adhered to by our team.

We remain totally committed to meeting your needs and providing our services to our customers. We continue to review our model daily to ensure we can meet and exceed all our obligations.